Toolkit is a proprietary, job aggregation and management solution (PJAMS) designed especially for service providers of domestic and commercial trade services. In addition to the normal scheduling of jobs and collation of customer information, Toolkit has a front end to start the customer journey through simple to create, online & e-commerce quote and booking tools.

Designed as an App on mobile devices for on the job easy of access with real time information, Toolkit also provides for full administrative functionality with the Desktop version.

There is much more to Toolkit ... so please take some time to review the highlighted features below. If you would like to learn more or arrange for a tour of the software, please contact one of our support team [email protected]

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INVOICING -finish the job, and you are 1 click away from creating an invoice for you customer to pay

FOR THE WEBSITE - allow your customers to get quotes and make bookings directly from your website

JOB MANAGEMENT - capture notes and photos against every job for quick reference for service provider and customers alike

INTEGRATION - connect seamlessly with supply partners and other software solutions in both their and your business

CLOUD BASED SOLUTION - work smarter on the job from mobile devices and the toolkit app, or from your home office on the full desktop version

CUSTOMER JOURNEY - connect with your supplied and customers the whole way through their journey and the job cycle

REPORTING SUITE - understand your business data, the wins, the feedback and the leakages with comprehensive dashboard reporting


To learn more, contact Toolkit Global Solutions Limited [email protected]

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